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Foundation for Peace and Universal Responsibility
not for profit foundation according 1901 law

The not for profit foundation unites members that concur with the values of the Charter of Universal Responsibility, based on Three realisations and Eleven life commitments.

In an altruistic approach of listening and dialogue, the not for profit foundation defines itself as a "creator of peace and justice in the world" in the service of humanitarian and environmental causes, aid and development.

Its purpose is to be of service to humanity and the planet, to promote human rights and universal responsibility and to support a sustainable development with the aim of greater peace and responsibility for each individual.

Its main objective is to create and grow an international network of mentors, united by the ideals of freedom, peace and security. In their daily lives they practice inner peace of mind, global ethics and universal responsibility that they transmit to others.

The headquarters of the not for profit foundation (law 1901) are in Paris.

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